Mississauga Croatia proud to represent the City of Mississauga

On Monday November 2nd 2015 the Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club banner was finally raised at the Hershey Sports Centre in Mississauga.

For a number of years a select number of soccer clubs that represent the City of Mississauga have been honoured by having their banners proudly displayed at this wonderful facility. 

As of November 2nd  2015 the Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club is proud to join these other soccer clubs. Our banner now hangs side-by-side with the rest of the soccer clubs for the world to see. We can say with pride – we also represent the City of Mississauga.

Our club has been in existence since 1977 and since that time we have proudly worn the name of our city – Mississauga. Our teams have played throughout Canada, the United States and Croatia and we have been proud ambassadors of our city – Mississauga.

The Executive of Mississauga Croatia would like to thank the City of Mississauga and especially Jon Kilmartin (Program Supervisor) and Andrew DaSilva  – two employees of the City of Mississauga without whose help we could not make this happen. We would also like to thank Jeff Katerberg of Alpha Graphics and Signs who manufactured the banner ( the banner is 21 feet wide and 25 feet tall).

Finally we would like to recognize some of the members of Mississauga Croatia Executive – past and present –  who have worked at making this a reality. Former Presidents Anton Jelic and Michael Jezerinac first initiated contact with the City of Mississauga. The current members of the Mississauga Croatia Executive  – Tony Pavelic, Nick Draskovic and Anthony Mrse – made it a happen.

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