The safety of our athletes is our highest priority. Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club are currently working on a Code of Conduct for players, coaches, managers and team trainers to ensure that all members are aware of and accountable to the proper Return to Play protocol regarding concussions. Please use the resources below to learn more about concussions.

Canada Soccer Concussion Policy – 2018Rowan’s Law –
Canada Soccer Concussion Assessment Medical ReportReceipt of Review of Concussion Awareness Resource
Ontario Soccer Removal from Sport ProtocolOntario Soccer Return to Sport Protocol
Concussion Recognition ToolMCSC Concussion Code of Conduct
MCSC Concussion Return to Play ProtocolSuspected Concussion Report Form
Excerpt from the Canada Soccer Concussion Policy, 2018

“A concussion is a brain injury. 

All concussions should be regarded as potentially serious. 

Most concussions recover completely with correct management. 

Incorrect management of a concussion can lead to further injury. 

Concussions should be managed according to current guidelines. 

Anyone with suspected concussion following an injury must be immediately removed from playing or training and receive a prompt assessment by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. 

Concussions are managed by licensed health care professionals working within their scope of practice and expertise. Concussions are managed by a limited period of rest followed by avoiding physical and brain activities that make concussive symptoms worse, and once concussion related symptoms have resolved, a step-wise return to school, work and sports-related activities. 

Return to education or work must take priority over return to playing soccer. 

Concussion symptoms must have completely resolved and documented medical clearance completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner must be received before resuming full contact practice or game play. 

The recurrence of concussion symptoms subsequent to the return to full contact practice or game play requires removal from training or playing and reassessment.”