2019-2020 Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club Executive

President – Dean Smiciklas dean.smiciklas@mississaugacroatia.com

Vice-President – Tomislav Friscic tomislav.friscic@mississaugacroatia.com

Treasurer – Nick Draskovic nick.draskovic@mississaugacroatia.com

Secretary – Tony Pavelic tony.pavelic@mississaugacroatia.com

Registrar – Dean Smiciklas dean.smiciklas@mississaugacroatia.com

House League Director – Dan Bersek daniel.bersek@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Equipment and Uniforms – Dave Radman dave.radman@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Indoor Soccer and Camps – Mike Lorkovic mike.lorkovic@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Fundraising – Michael Jezerinac michael.jezerinac@mississaugacroatia.com 

Director of Fields – Nicole Smiciklas nicole.smiciklas@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Senior Soccer – Jadranko Butkovic jad.butkovic@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Competitive Teams & Assistants – Dean Smiciklas dean.smiciklas@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of IT, Social Media and Promotions – Michelle Littler michelle.littler@mississaugacroatia.com

Director of Tournaments – Luka Drlje luka.drlje@mississaugacroatia.com 

Member at Large – Anthony Mrse anthony.mrse@mississaugacroatia.com