Our Mississauga Croatia Men’s Team Makes Club Proud in 2016

In 2016 the Mississauga Croatia Men’s Team continued to attract new talent and grew to 35 members.

Once again they played in the Peel Halton Soccer League Open Male Premier Division and played in the 53rd Croatian National Soccer Federation tournament in Kitchener in a group that included Cleveland Croatia ( lost 3-0), New York Croatia( tied 0-0), Sudbury Adria( lost 2-1) and Connecticut Croatia ( tied 0-0).

The highlight of the 2016 season was the team’s capturing of the Peel Halton District League Men’s Division 2016 Cup Championship on August 14th 2016.

Thanks to Toni Fletin, Tomislav Friscic and Luka Leko for leading the Mississauga Croatia Men’s team again for 2016.

We look forward to an even more successful 2017.
The members of the 2016 team were as follows:
Toni Fletin ( Coach) –  Tomislav Friscic ( Manager) –  Luka Leko ( Assistant Coach) –  Matt Cvitkovic –  Mark Cvitkovic –  Arian Rayegani –  Josip Vrbos –  Tommy Kolakovic –  Nicolas Matesa –  Zvonimir Mijaljevic –  Mark Petrusa –  Daniel Espinosa –  Matt Saric –  Luka Knezovic –  Marko Lucic –  Alen Mijackovic –  Robbie Mijackovic –  Adam Capobianco –  Hrvoje Pavic –  Ivan Pavic –  Luka Drlje –  Ivan Ribaric –  Dan Han –  Arthur Kulik –  Krunoslav Andric –  Krso Mitar –  Goran Mijic –  Marko Mijic –  Steve Baresic –  Toni Misic –  Derian Adamski –  Dario Jezerinac –  Kristijan Skoko –  Anthony Marinovic

Special Thanks to Negoma-Photo  – @negomophoto for the great pictures of the Mississauga Croatia Men’s team .

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