May 20th 2016 the Men’s Over 35 House League kicked off with almost 100 players in 6 teams !

On Friday May 20th 2016 at the Father Kamber Park in Streetsville the Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club proudly launched our 3rd season of Men’s Over 35 House League. The league is a fun recreational soccer league that brings together friends and family of our Croatian Canadian community to enjoy a game of 6 v 6 soccer and then relax and socialize after the game. This is the 3rd year of the Over 35 House League and the response has been tremendous. We have almost 100 players registered. Come on down to the Father Kamber Park and cheer on your favourite team:

Team Cetina – Green
Team Sava – Yellow
Team Kupa – Red
Team Plitvica – Blue
Team Kupcina  – Orange
Team Krka – White

Here is the schedule for this season:

Field 1 HomeField 1 AwayField 2 HomeField 2 AwayField 3 HomeField 3 Away
May-20Kupčina (Orange)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Krka (White)Kupa (Red)Sava (Cobalt Blue)Cetina (Forest)
May-27Krka (White)Sava (yellow)Cetina (Forest)Kupčina (Orange)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Kupa (Red)
Jun-03Kupa (Red)Cetina (Forest)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Krka (White)Kupčina (Orange)Sava (yellow)
Jun-10Cetina (Forest)Kupa (Red)Sava (yellow)Krka (White)Kupčina (Orange)
Jun-17Kupčina (Orange)Kupa (Red)Sava (yellow)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Cetina (Forest)Krka (White)
Jun-24Kupa (Red)Krka (White)Cetina (Forest)Sava (yellow)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Kupčina (Orange)
Jul-08Kupčina (Orange)Cetina (Forest)Kupa (Red)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Sava (yellow)Krka (White)
Jul-15Sava (yellow)Kupčina (Orange)Krka (White)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Cetina (Forest)Kupa (Red)
Jul-22Sava (yellow)Kupa (Red)Kupčina (Orange)Krka (White)Cetina (Forest)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)
Jul-29Krka (White)Cetina (Forest)Kupa (Red)Kupčina (Orange)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Sava (yellow)
Aug-05Kupčina (Orange)Plitvice (Argentina Blue)Cetina (Forest)Krka (White)Sava (yellow)Kupa (Red)
Aug-12Third PlaceSixth Place4th Place5th Place1st Place2nd Place
Aug-192nd PlaceWinner of 3 vs 61st PlaceWinner of 4 vs 5Loser of 4 vs 5Loser of 3 vs 6
Aug-26Finals3rd PlaceFriendly of last two teams

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